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     He Came To Set The Captives Free!!!



Welcome to A.C.T.S. Evangelistic Ministries! Where we are Alive In Christ Teaching & Serving in our community. We are glad you stopped by to visit us today. We hope that your visit will be uplifting & encouraging to you. 

 The name, Acts Evangelistic Ministries came about because we believe in the importance of re-capturing the MISSION, MESSAGE, MOTIVES of First Century Christianity as expressed in the Book Acts.
That is to Study the Gospel, to learn the gospel, to preach the gospel, to teach the gospel, to demonstrate the gospel, & to equip the saint of God to do the same.

1. We resolve to read the Bible as the Gospel.
Since the central theme of the Bible is-the sufferings and glory of Christ, we resolve to read the Bible as the story of salvation. We resolve to see how the law, the ceremonies, and the history all point us to their fulfillment in the coming of the Deliverer promised in
Genesis 3:15 and throughout the Bible.

2. We resolve to preach and teach the Gospel to believers, not just unbelievers.
We become Christians and we grow as Christians by grace through faith in Jesus. Therefore, we resolve to also preach the Gospel as the means to grow.

4. We resolve to receive the Gospel as the “milk” and the “meat” of God’s Word.
Since the whole Bible is the Gospel and Christ crucified is the wisdom and power of God (1 Cor. 1:22-24) , then we never move beyond the Gospel to something deeper. There is nothing deeper than the Gospel. Therefore, we resolve to view the Gospel as both the A-B-C’s and the A-to-Z of Christianity.

We Feel that spiritual accountability is measure of saftey for us and those we serve as we walk out what we believe to be the will of God for this ministry
Pastor Michael Scott
Family Of God Christian Fellowship
476 S. Ironwood Drive Apache Junction AZ 85220














































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